January 24, 2009

speak your truth

my sister has been a speaker of her truth for as long as i can remember. especially for other people - like myself, she always spoke up for me when i was afraid. now she does it for herself. i've always believed in it and appreciated it and at most times in my life feel i have spoken my truth. but until recently, i don't think i really have understood the real impact of speaking your truth. when you actually do say something that is, in a way, eating at you and it finally creeps out, you feel free, and in a way, more alive.

i have a habit of playing out situations in my head. over and over and over and over...usually it takes a while before i actually make the situation occur because i fret about "saying the right thing" or acting the right way. i think, to be truthful, i'm more afraid of the response not being what i expected, leading me to be out of control of the situation i've so overplayed in my head. i recently realized it's a waste of time - all that "playing out" and fretting.

i think i'm actually, i know, i'm happier with the results that have occurred after i've finally spoken my truth than what i've expected to happen.

that's about it - speak your truth & really mean it - to everyone you know. you are you and you must be proud of it and OWN it. your thoughts are an integral part of who you are.

so if any of you have anything to say to me, tell me. i'm here with open ears. (and eyes if you type it hehe)

LOVE you all, that's my truth

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  1. I LOVE this post. I actually did a little speaking of my truth today. I didn't say enough and wish I would have said more, but I said, and that's a step.

    Thanks for inspiring me and giving me courage.


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