January 13, 2009

blizzard after blizzard after blizzard

Gosh I can see how easy it could be to develop what they've named "seasonal anxiety disorder or depression." I have honestly been loving the snow, I jump around with Vegas in it, but today is BITTERLY cold! One thing I do enjoy however is the crispness of the air, and how everything just looks brighter. And by reading my blog, you know I always try to look on the bright side of things, isn't it nicer to look out your window and see the moon reflecting off the crystally white snow than the slushy dirty greyness we have been getting in the Winters of the past? - OK I'm human too, that's my bright side but MAN IT'S COLD & I look forward to Spring.

What I'd really like to "blog" about today is again, friends - I've been able to connect with so many people from my past on facebook that I honestly wouldn't think I'd ever be able to talk to again. One person today especially comes to mind. We have been friends, whether we've talked or not, for almost 20 years. This person will always have a deeply embedded place in my heart. I've always seen a joy, warmth, passion and creativity in them that always made me smile. There were days I cried for them because I knew they were going through rough times, or couldn't see their own greatness and understand that they deserved nothing but the best from life and those around them. But as a friend, sometimes you just have to let go or even walk away. Sometimes the timing in life is just wrong and doesn't allow them to really hear you. And if you truly do love them, you'll let them know you'll be there when they need you.

Even if you don't connect, putting yourself out there, just so that person knows you're there can make a universe of difference. I know it has for those that have done so for me. I have made it a point in my life to disconnect from those that have brought me negativity and bad energy. I call those people vampires (not the cool kind). They plug into you and SUCK your energy so you have no more. Hey, I need all I can get and the ones I love deserve it more than those that don't love me.

So my old friend, if you read this, know I'm always here and always have been. To all my current friends, or those that are just reading and don't know me...allow yourself to be loved and let your love be known. Like with kids, there's a point you have to let them fall down, but let them know you're there to help them up.

xxoo - k

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