January 05, 2009

be free

this morning an older song i used to (and still) love played on my ipod. it always takes me back to a moment where i felt completely free. i had a friend whose apartment was about 1 block from wrigley field. we'd go there quite often and just chill. play games, watch movies, whatever. one night we were just hangin out, lights were off, but xmas lights in full splendor. i was sitting on the floor, i think the windows were open and we had the verve blasting. lucky man was playing. it was one of my favorite moments of all time.

that may have been a while ago and those that may know of the times i'm talking about may think "yeah, that was when we hardly had any responsibility, we were young and no worries." i say, so what? all i know is that the feeling of freedom i had that night was the best feeling in the world - peaceful, happy, wonderful.

i get that feeling every now and then, like when i paint, take a walk in a forest, drive forever with the windows down. it could be that simple.

my point being - just find something every now and then that makes you feel free and don't forget to make it a habit. you and those around you will enjoy your life better for it.

peace - k

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