August 17, 2010


so tomorrow i start a new job. today is my last day at my current job. these past months... from considering looking for a new job to accepting and soon entering the doors of my new "second home" i've been through just about every emotion known to man. i've been excited, scared, nervous, sad, hesitant, elated, revived, dejected, cautious, overwhelmed, happy, content, surprised, angry,proud and renewed.

i'm one to always hold the hands of my friends and encourage them to leave their "safe zones" or "comfort spots." when we reach beyond what we're used to is when we find our dreams. i've also always been one to strive to new heights, grow and improve myself in every way and be STRONG and most of all... get what i want :) what i'm walking into on thursday is what i want. i'm sooooo incredibly excited about this opportunity and it's almost surreal (i'm sure it will be even moreso once i get my hands dirty)! i guess, or i know, what i'm having the most trouble with is leaving my current "second home."

i've jumped around a bit in my career for a few different reasons, but mainly because i was just moving forward to find my dreams. the easy part in the beginning of my career was that some of the environments or people i worked with/for were, let's say, just not ideal... so it wasn't too hard to leave.

the place i'm transitioning from now has been my safe spot. the people i saw everyday were my second family. i got 5 years of laughter and tears, ups and downs, madlib days and days that were just maddening. no matter the situation or the day, these people and my comfy office were/was ALWAYS there for me. like my childhood bedroom and any apartment i've lived in, i leave behind scuff marks and holes in the walls of my office (and in some others' walls too ;)

i knew i would fall in love with my job, that's always been a goal of mine... to love what i do for a living. i never thought i'd love the people i work with this much. my closest and dearest relationships have been built in my office or down the hall to the next state over or across the world.

i know that i am able to make this next leap because of the strength and support i have gained from my current 2nd home (and of course all of you that are in my first home hehe). i have learned a myriad of lessons about work and life and myself here. i would not trade one minute here for anything.

so i'm off... onto the next chapter in my life. i go with excitement, enthusiasm, passion and a full heart. thank you all so much for everything you've done for me. just being in my life has been so rewarding for me!

love you all & i'll see you soon!
- k -