January 15, 2010

when it is dark enough you can see the stars...

my inspiring friend said this (my blog title) and it truly got me through the week. So I thought I'd spread the encouragement!

getting ready for the big show? feeling crazy? feeling like it will never end, the supplies will never get delivered, the make n takes will get lost, your booth will be set up in the wrong location, you'll have no product????

not to worry - or don't worry, or don't panic, or something like that. i'm in the same boat peeps. those of you who have no clue as to what CHA is, know this... it's the pinnacle show for all of us in the crafting world. crazy, intense planning goes into this show and for months on end it seems to never end. just when you think all is worked out and flowing right, there's that inevitable wrench thrown into the gears that throws everything into a tizzy.

BUT just a reminder to those of you with a week left (or others working on a crazy long, intense project) it will work out, it will go fine, all will be in place and soon you'll be hugging and smiling with everyone you meet. (again to those non-crafters, i swear this is the friendliest industry in the world, we love to hug).

how can i be so confident? just because, i have faith and an AWESOME team to make it all happen or help me fix things that go wrong. there's a reason we have so much stress planning for this show and feel insanely alienated from our supportive families right now, it's because we can handle it all and we do always make it work.

besides, in the end, no matter what, it will all be ok. just remember....

when it is dark enough, you can see the stars
thx mm


January 04, 2010

now this is my kind of inspiration...

completely primal post, this picture should not be kept a secret, so i'm spreading the joy...