February 14, 2009

Happy V-day

This is one holiday that Roy and I don't celebrate (previously much to my shagrin). We use to exchange cards here and there, but now we say happy v-day and try to get some alone time if we can. Being a hopeless romantic - I always was enticed by the idea of being lavished with chocolates, flowers, nights on the town etc etc. Don't get me wrong, those things are still great and I wouldn't turn them down, but I would NEVER trade them for the everyday thoughtful things Roy does for me. I ask all of you to think of someone you love today and think of all the thoughtful things they do for you on an every day basis even if they may not be giving you flowers or chocolates today...

Here's my list about Roy that may inspire you with appreciative thoughts of your own...

he calls me every morning to say hi and have a good day (and at lunch), he cleans the house top to bottom before it even needs it, he vacuums, dusts, shovels, pays bills, does laundry, sweeps garage, cleans the bathrooms, checks the attic for leaks, changes furnace filters, cleans humidifiers, cleans cars, walks the dog, fixes cars, works at a less than desirable job - ALL WITHOUT ASKING, hugs me every day, makes me laugh when I need it, kisses me gently, brightens my painting spot, buys me dinner, charges my phone, likes the cubs, lets me keep lifetime on even when he's in the same room, carries my books, lets me be me and most importantly...loves me.

i couldn't ask, wish or dream for anything more. - love you roy!

and much love to all of you out there that do so much for me and have done so much for me through the past couple years and our hardships - and my whole life - happy v-day :):)

luvs xxxooo

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  1. Roy sounds like a keepa to me. This post is great. Happy belated V-day to you!


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