September 27, 2011

its all about the marketing in the end...

so, i was thinking, wouldn't a velcro closure, or a hidden belt of some sort, or maybe even buttons, or a zipper be an even more convenient, kick-butt, awesome feature of the snuggie?

however, at that point is it then just a robe?

then again, if they didn't have great marketers to brand the belt-less, button-less, zipper-less robe a "snuggie" and create a launch that hit every household in america and beyond via info-mercials, late night commercials, home shopping networks, drug stores, big box chains and as seen on tv stores, would it have been remotely as successful as it was/is and will be? i'd like to think not.

yet another case study leading me to further my already strong belief that what i do is essential to the success of whomever i'm doing it for. :)

so ladies & gentlemen, in the end, it's all about the marketing.
'cuz really what sounds more comfy to you... a backwards robe or a Snuggie!

much luv & laughter

September 18, 2011

never close your eyes....

if you're looking for inspiration, all you need to do is keep your eyes open. if you look close enough or look differently, you'll find so many marvelously inspiring things in your everyday lives. :)

September 14, 2011

i'm considering a change

i've noticed my extreme lack of postings lately and it isn't because i'm uninspired. i'm quite inspired as of late actually. so... i believe from here on out, i'm going to be not so focused on having to deliver an inspirational life lesson. instead i'm going to write what i feel, observe, create, etc. and those inspirational life lessons/stories should creep in inadvertently every once in a while.

however, sticking true to my artistic nature, i will always blog to evoke emotion and provoke thought in my readers.

do what makes you happy,
much love