February 26, 2010

and why do we fall?

so we can learn to pick ourselves up...
(batman movie, but so true right?)

what gets you through the day? when you feel you're in the lowest place you've ever been, how do you pull yourself up? when you feel like you've been beaten into submission, how do you heal? is it the laughter from your kids, the hug from your mom, the safety of your spouse or understanding of a friend? no matter what picks you up, try and remember that it's always there. since life is filled with bowls of poop and isn't always the bowl of cherries we'd like it to be(or even slightly hardened raisins)it really is important to know what can turn it into the bowl of cherry garcia or new york super fudge chunk or rainbow sherbet for you.

also important, not to dwell... take your time, mourn, grieve, be angry... let it go...
experience the pain, hurt or emotion, then figure out what will improve your situation.

live in your passion, follow your dreams, refuse to let anyone bring you down, remember why you fell and learn to get back up!


February 19, 2010

i am beautiful

a couple people in the past two days have made note of my european features (my roots are czechoslovakian, polish, bohemain and german with a sprinkling of UK & Canadian).
this is actually the first time in my 30+ years i've heard someone actually notice me as being specifically european looking. so it made me take a closer look at myself. i'm far from being narciscitic but have enjoyed looking at myself in a new light.

i studied my features from my cat eyes, pouty lips, little nose, rounded eyebrows and rosy cheeks. i think for the first time, i looked in the mirror and thought, "hmmm, i really am beautiful" i feel now like my light & beauty inside is shining through me to the outside.

it's really a liberating feeling. what makes you beautiful? look in the mirror and appreciate your beauty.