November 24, 2010

what am i thankful for?

there's not enough bits or bytes of memory in the entire universe of of this vast internet space to fit all my thankfulness and gratitude!

i reflect back to times that have been difficult in my life and i'm actually thankful for these hard times as well. reason being, so much laughter, so much joy and connectiveness has come from those hard moments. what i'm most blessed with is an intensely loving and supportive group of family & friends that are always by my side. i have been able to not only just pull through hard times because of you all, but pushed through, conquered fears and grown from all these experiences.

i always encourage people to discover life, don't miss what's here for you to explore. be thankful you're alive, be thankful you have people to share these moments with and make more of them to remember!

be thankful for every tear, laugh, fall, triumph, tingle, journey and experience... THIS IS WHAT LIFE IS FOR!!!!!

love you all & thank you all!!!!!!!!
happy thanksgiving

November 17, 2010

some freeverse inspiration for you...

it's weird to fly by moonlight

i'm closer to the stars i've been wishing on
they don't look so far away to me anymore
i dance among them and sparkle right back
the moon is no longer a distant friend
but he's more like a lover
i imagined existing in this dark center
surrounded by shimmering gold light
until now i didn't know the vision was my reality
now i know each dream, each 2nd sight,
each imagined scene is my destiny
i paint my path & walk down it with intense curiosity and mild fear
coll said the path of fear is the path of the warrior...
i'll battle it all for i've seen the outcomes &
my dreams are a wonderful future to be

flying by moonlight is where i should be