December 31, 2008

life is full of laughter

Sometimes I forget the hard times Roy & I (and the rest of our family) have endured over the past year. I suppose it's because it is in both of our nature's to fight and overcome and move on. Our entire lives have seemed to be that way so each new obstacle simply presents us with a new challenge to find a solution to.

I have noticed through my healing this past 1.5 years that I seem to laugh more. At first I thought it was because some wires got crossed in my brain after the second stroke. But now, I know it's just because life is funny and I am able to notice and appreciate the hilarity of it now.

So next time you trip, spill, toot or simply can't get something to work - sit back and laugh. Lose the "huffy puffys" and give a little smirk. Or just call me and I'll tell you a funny joke - either way, your day will be brighter.

laughs - K

December 30, 2008

every soul deserves more than one mate

just my thought for the day.
i have a big heart, i've lived lots of lives and i love deeply those i feel i've known before.

December 26, 2008

Blah day

So I've had a bit of a blah day, and I thought, how can I feel better?

Of course, the strange thing is, I didn't really ask myself this question until now, 11:30 pm.
So now I think, perhaps I could have had a bit less of a blah day if I had asked myself that question a bit earlier, like at 11:30 am. I'm watching Adaptation for the first time. I've wanted to watch it for the first time when it first came out.

Get out of your own head for a bit and have a stretch, you might find it refreshing.

December 24, 2008

Have plug, will travel

So I tried to go home yesterday, got cancelled - JUST as they were boarding my group :(. I'm happy that I found an outlet and have my power cord, I can at least work when al else fails.

However, I heard from most of you it was HORRENDOUS weather so I'm happy to be safe. Now, I'm experiencing slight delay at SFO (thought I'd tour the airports of CA), was supposed to leave at 11:15, now 12:05. So where can I pull inspiration from for us all today? Well for one, get yourself a Dairy Queen Peppermint Chocolate Chip blizzard, they're inspirational themselves ;) (the cake version up above)

Gosh this one's hard - I guess, just hang in there & enjoy what you can out of life. I've had time to myself and now will be much happier to be with those I love. The hugs from my Roy, Vegas, family and friends will be so much more welcome as I've longed for them since yesterday.

Love you all and Merry Christmas and wish me luck in being home for it :)

December 23, 2008

Not Always What it Seems....

Hiya - once again I'm inspired by my niece and nephew (jake & sam). I do believe I think the same way they do, however in the spirit of inspiration, I think the video shows what I mean by "not always what it seems" better than any explanation I could type.

I believe there is wonderment in everything, you can make any thing or situation fun or more interesting than it seems. A simple gift of a poster is turned into 4 different things in a matter of a couple minutes in Sammy's 4 year old mind.

Create & enjoy a piece of wonderment in your day! :)

December 21, 2008

Save money this Christmas...

I will always subscribe to the motto that "it really is about the simple things in life."
I have gathered tons of video clips from my niece and nephew that proves all ya need is a little bubble wrap to get you through the day. (see below)

December 19, 2008

WARM? California?

Ok - beggars can't be choosers. I realize I quickly took off to leave the 10" snowstorm behind to the very warm 40-50 degree San Ramone California. I'm visiting my sis, bro-in-law and niece and nephew until Tuesday. Can't believe they haven't seen me since my wedding!!! Ok webcams really are super great, but nothing can replace a sister's hug.

I've been here a day and a half, and already sooooooo many stories from the kids (and goofy colli) that I can't fit in one post.

Inspiration of the day - you know that quote... love like you've never...blahblahblah...? Well


luv u all

December 17, 2008

What gets you through it all?

Enjoying my dose of "brain candy" watching the horrible orange house county wives
whatever. Hmmm
Not much inspiration from that except that I'm again, happy with the life I have.

Honestly some of them seem like they may be real to me and experience some level of real life issues, but not even close to the level that myself and some others I know have experienced.
What I'm most happy about with myself is that I'm able to not think about all the "crap" every day and just overcome and move on.

That's where you find your bliss... in the things, people, or moments that help you get through the crap.

December 16, 2008

let it snow...

I could really use my freezy freakies today! What an insane ride home it was, thank god Karen was behind me in her little new 4 wheeler to push me up algonquin (but don't worry mom, she didn't have to, she followed me just incase).

So it's crappy out you say, right? I say it's beautiful!!! What other state can you live in where one month you can be jumping around in the beautiful white fluffy snow with your dog and see ice glistening from the moonlight in the trees then just 1/2 a year later, be once again jumping around with your dog, but now through a sprinkler with sweat glistening on your brow and the warm sun giving you rosey cheeks?

I wouldn't have it any other way - chicago is my place to stay. If you're not here, or don't want to be...Inspiration for the day - though cliche -

Never forget to stop and smell the roses (some days, it may be all you have).

xxoo - k

December 15, 2008

coldest day ever

I can't believe that I used to stand out and wait for the school bus in this weather & even more...trying to look "cool" without overlayering with the proper functional winter clothes!!!
Remember freezie freakies??? I've been searching forever to find those for adults and can't find anything!

December 14, 2008


So I love "intervention" on a&E. It's almost like "self help" ya know. Or at the very least, wow- there are people more fucked up than I am.

One thing I want to say is to any one of my friends, family or strangers that feel low or down or alone or that they're not worth anything, they're wrong. No matter what has happened in your past, or is happening now, you are important, you mean something to another thing - if that's all we have, then it's at least something.

I feel I'm on this earth to inspire people, if you need to be inspired, let me know or just keep comin' back. :)

luv u all!

(little piece of advice to those rearing our future generations - be there, listen, don't preach or force your views. Just love, protect, pay attention and be sure they know what it means to respect and be respected).

December 12, 2008

Newspaper Card

So, I may be the only one who doesn't understand this, and yes Mike, if you read this, it still baffles me. At work, in our USA Today, there was what seemed to be a Christmas card. I say "seemed to be" because I didn't open it. It was addressed to some person I'd never heard of in labored handwriting. So I asked my co-worker if he'd seen it and he explained to me this...

Apparently, it's very common for your postman(person), or paper delivery person to give you a card with an envelope and you are to give them a "holiday" gift in return for their service throughout the year. Now this is not payment for doing their job this is like a gift or tip.

Don't get me wrong, I am a very giving person and have given a card to my mailman before, many times in fact. But, I find it strange that someone, who I've never met (or in some cases may have said hell0 to once or twice) to get a cash gift from me or my business simply for doing their job that they already get paid for. Okay, I get the whole gift thing, but I'm not getting a gift for my husband this year let alone my mailperson (who STILL after 3 years delivers the wrong mail).

I'm just sayin...

First Post

Such an interesting title, so profound, I'm sure no one has ever thought of that for their first blog entry.
Thank you karen for helping me out.