March 14, 2010

...our finger prints don't fade from the lives we've touched

once again inspired, i steal a quote from a friend for this post...
"i've learned people forget what you said, people forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." i live so much in my passions that i realize i typically feel my way through life. i've walked, crossed, followed and escaped many paths with many different characters. as these faces pass across the movie screen in my mind, each one evokes a new emotion for me. some made me feel wanted, worthy, respected, loved, happy, or appreciated and others left me feeling gross, angry, wasted, lifeless or blue. needless to say the latter were those whose paths i escaped. and i'm so lucky to say those paths i share now in my life are those of the characters that make me feel warm, sexy, funny, respected, smart, creative, appreciated and so on! that's how i want to feel. those are the people i hold so incredibly dear to my heart and wouldn't trade them for anything at anytime!

to bring us back to the quote... no matter what these great people that i have in my life have said or done to me or for me - even if i may not exactly remember the words or actions - they've always left me with these wonderful feelings.

how can you make someone feel? take a moment and ponder that, enjoy it and go out and be appreciated for it...

when i close my eyes and each one of you that i appreciate passes my movie screen, i feel you when i see your faces.


(the blog title is from the new movie "remember me"

March 03, 2010

finding balance...

since i can remember, i've loved alice in wonderland. i've seen, read, worn, studied everything alice... disney, lewis carroll, through the looking glass, essays, studies, satires, remakes, sci fi remakes, prints, t-shirts, pop-up books, costumes, presentations, therapy, escapism, jaberwocky, inspiration, artwork, music... EVERYTHING!!!!! needless to say, i've been anxiously awaiting the release on friday of Tim Burton's movie (so much that i was going to see the first midnight show on thursday by myself, but my mom wants to go too, so i'll wait :).

i've learned soooo much about the story and characters, it eventually made me wonder, why did i choose this as my "obsession" since i was a little girl? i then started to think about why i relate to it so very much. i do admit that i enjoyed the escapism it offered, but alice took that route too. there wasn't anyone in her life that really understood her, so she went into a world of her own. interestingly enough, a world she THOUGHT was a place that made sense to her, but made none at all. it was a place completely opposite of her "boring, structured life." "Everything is what it wouldn't be and what it wouldn't be it is" eventually this world she created becomes, scary, lonely and just too much!

i know i've done the same thing in my life and still have a tendency too (though i don't recall specifically falling down a rabbit hole, i can say my disasociative behavior could be the same thing... just not as fun ;)

my point is... finding balance. be ok with the fact that only you might be able to be the one who understands you... or seek out the company of others that at least enjoy all of you... even if they may not understand you. (i've found it may actually be the "weirdness" about you that keeps others' attention and makes them appreciate you even more).

life's too short to conform, the balance is... be who you are and bring that from your mind to the outside... you'll be amazed at how much more enjoyable your own little world can be when you share it.