September 20, 2009

women are wonderful

when i was younger, i didn't understand how important bonds between women are. i used to say "i'm more of a 'guys' girl, i just seem to get along better with them." I still like to hang with the guys and think a lot the way they do, but there's nothing that can hold up to my time with the girls. the older i get, the more i know and appreciate how important it is for a woman to have a strong group of women friends.

it's innate in us to compete, compare and covet. it will always be a goal of mine to change this way of thinking. to love who we are, not to compare and to only compete when it makes sense (an example of non-sensible competition would be who can get the most stares when they enter a room).

there's a part inside of you that may feel vulnerable & weak if you open up or look to a girlfriend to lean on. don't be afraid, we need each other, we need someone who knows how important a good cry is, how fun it is to shop for a millionth scent of lotion or a thousandth pair of black shoes that you don't need. someone who understands that a bright store filled with thousands of pieces of jewelry made in some other country makes you feel like you're walking into a candy store for the first time as a 5 year old is a priceless bond.

to know & trust someone who knows what it means to "do it all" but not realize that's what she's really doing is a must have to get through the days where we have to do more than "it all." please also be someone that we can trust and look to for support.

women are wonderful, all of us, everywhere.

xxoo -

September 07, 2009

blue skies, good tunes & open road

what more could you want? i'm reading a lot from my friends' posts about enjoying the simple things. i always find the most peace in things that are easy to get, so i'm making a list here and maybe you'll find something that strikes you as enjoyable and try to incorporate it into your day...

play a game of mad libs (try to find online, or just email me, i have tons) this always makes me laugh until i almost wet my pants;
open all the windows in your house and lay in front of one, or in the middle of the room and feel the breeze on your skin while you take deep breaths in;
turn off the tv or radio just for a few minutes and enjoy the peace;
don't worry about your "schedule" for the day, if it doesn't get done, oh well!;
take a picture of your favorite thing in your house to look at and put it in a little frame at work (or put it in a luggage tag and hang from your rear view mirror);
sit outside or lay on the grass and stare at the clouds (don't forget to blink);
put in your favorite movie and watch it from beginning to end without breaking for any chores, emails, phone calls etc.;
turn off your phone & computer for 2 hours;
get in the car with a favorite mix of songs or cd (or tape ;);
open up all the windows and just drive (farm/country roads are the best);
eat a meal that doesn't have ingredients in it that you can't pronounce (even if it's just scrambled eggs or a turkey sandwhich;
take time out to do your own nails & a home-made face mask like we all used to do in high school/college;
talk to a friend on the phone for a while and laugh;
enjoy a snack/dessert with no guilt, no counting, no thinking - just savor it;
do or say something you've been wanting to do or say, but have been afraid to;
make raspberry noises;
write in a journal;
take extraordinary pictures of ordinary things;
be still; hug; kiss; love;