December 12, 2008

Newspaper Card

So, I may be the only one who doesn't understand this, and yes Mike, if you read this, it still baffles me. At work, in our USA Today, there was what seemed to be a Christmas card. I say "seemed to be" because I didn't open it. It was addressed to some person I'd never heard of in labored handwriting. So I asked my co-worker if he'd seen it and he explained to me this...

Apparently, it's very common for your postman(person), or paper delivery person to give you a card with an envelope and you are to give them a "holiday" gift in return for their service throughout the year. Now this is not payment for doing their job this is like a gift or tip.

Don't get me wrong, I am a very giving person and have given a card to my mailman before, many times in fact. But, I find it strange that someone, who I've never met (or in some cases may have said hell0 to once or twice) to get a cash gift from me or my business simply for doing their job that they already get paid for. Okay, I get the whole gift thing, but I'm not getting a gift for my husband this year let alone my mailperson (who STILL after 3 years delivers the wrong mail).

I'm just sayin...

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