December 24, 2008

Have plug, will travel

So I tried to go home yesterday, got cancelled - JUST as they were boarding my group :(. I'm happy that I found an outlet and have my power cord, I can at least work when al else fails.

However, I heard from most of you it was HORRENDOUS weather so I'm happy to be safe. Now, I'm experiencing slight delay at SFO (thought I'd tour the airports of CA), was supposed to leave at 11:15, now 12:05. So where can I pull inspiration from for us all today? Well for one, get yourself a Dairy Queen Peppermint Chocolate Chip blizzard, they're inspirational themselves ;) (the cake version up above)

Gosh this one's hard - I guess, just hang in there & enjoy what you can out of life. I've had time to myself and now will be much happier to be with those I love. The hugs from my Roy, Vegas, family and friends will be so much more welcome as I've longed for them since yesterday.

Love you all and Merry Christmas and wish me luck in being home for it :)

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