December 31, 2008

life is full of laughter

Sometimes I forget the hard times Roy & I (and the rest of our family) have endured over the past year. I suppose it's because it is in both of our nature's to fight and overcome and move on. Our entire lives have seemed to be that way so each new obstacle simply presents us with a new challenge to find a solution to.

I have noticed through my healing this past 1.5 years that I seem to laugh more. At first I thought it was because some wires got crossed in my brain after the second stroke. But now, I know it's just because life is funny and I am able to notice and appreciate the hilarity of it now.

So next time you trip, spill, toot or simply can't get something to work - sit back and laugh. Lose the "huffy puffys" and give a little smirk. Or just call me and I'll tell you a funny joke - either way, your day will be brighter.

laughs - K

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