December 14, 2008


So I love "intervention" on a&E. It's almost like "self help" ya know. Or at the very least, wow- there are people more fucked up than I am.

One thing I want to say is to any one of my friends, family or strangers that feel low or down or alone or that they're not worth anything, they're wrong. No matter what has happened in your past, or is happening now, you are important, you mean something to another thing - if that's all we have, then it's at least something.

I feel I'm on this earth to inspire people, if you need to be inspired, let me know or just keep comin' back. :)

luv u all!

(little piece of advice to those rearing our future generations - be there, listen, don't preach or force your views. Just love, protect, pay attention and be sure they know what it means to respect and be respected).

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