August 24, 2009

want to enjoy life more? (a bit of a rant)

i'm currently working on making my marketing emails less prone to never being read with asking a question in the subject line rather than telling them the subject and letting the reader make their own conclusion. i suppose my title here though is not very open-ended, thus also creating a lack of interest in reading further. HOWEVER, who wouldn't want to enjoy life more? i can think of a few that prefer to live in the lap of negativity & misery rather than joy & luxury. what a waste, huh?. i think melancholy is just their state of comfort, or their safe spot.

well you may try to pull these people out of their depths, but after a couple times, let it go. don't allow them to suck the energy out of you (i call them energy vampires, you may have heard the term). there are those of us made of light and those of made of nothing who try to misappropriate our light. i'm not saying these people are necessarily bad, most times they have no idea what they're doing. it is up to us "people of light" to be aware of those around us that drain us. either stay away from them all together, or simply know that when you are around them, you will have to take time to replenish yourself after you're done with them (or rather, they're done with you). sometimes i even put up an imaginary bubble shield around me. that seems to help at times.

so to my initial point... i want you to ask yourself how open-minded you are. i think it's an overused and often times misunderstood word. just because you might be liberal or say you're democratic or simply open-minded, you may act as an open-minded individual. i have very strong belief systems in all aspects of my life. many people don't agree with me, but that's ok, because my beliefs are mine and no one else's, this is my life to live. that's another thing i believe, what makes this world...this america...this one life that we are currently living so remarkable is that we get to choose any path we want, any life we want, any action we want, any thing we want.

so please, act open-minded, appreciate others' points of views - even if you wholeheartedly disagree - you might learn something or enjoy a new experience. OH, and if you encounter one that shoves their opinions down your throat or acts as though you're stupid because you think differently, try to ignore them, your efforts to debate or change their minds will be futile. don't waste your light on close minded individuals.
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