August 14, 2009

finally back...

hello everyone!
still laughing here, but even moreso creating, crafting, typing, learning and makin' it happen. that's my recent motto "make it happen." it's a super busy time for us at work, but incredibly fun as well. a co-worker and i were talking today about what an individual (a driven individual at least) is truly capable of when they really need to pull from deep inside. i feel that i'm approaching another level in my life, higher than before, or i'm just there and feeling it. it's so great when something you foreshadowed once as being almost impossible just kind of... happens. as you continue to learn and grow and experience all new and different aspects of life, know that you will call upon them some day and it will make your life that much easier. and don't forget to sit back and look at yourself from the outside, you might be pretty pleased with what you see. - so make it happen!

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