August 19, 2009

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hi everyone! i was and am still just overcome with happiness with all the warmth and well wishes and attention i've received for my 33 birthday (multiples of 3 and simply 3 are my favorite numbers, so this is my favorite birthday)! thank you to you all!

the last couple years has been almost tumultuous to say the least. i know i'm a fighter and will always overcome any obstacle, but the reason i am able to do this is because of my web of friends and family that support me. from those i grew up with to ones i work with, you all bring me joy, laughter, and inspiration.

i will always fight and i will always win because of all of you!

thank you :)

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  1. Happy birthday to you, Little Miss Muffet. I'm glad you're a fighter. The world is a better place because you're in it. Enjoy the big 3-3!



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