December 23, 2009

surviving the holidays... fa ra ra ra ra

just a few words of inspiration to survive the holiday weekend. "What? Survive?" you say... oh c'mon, yes we all love the food, family, lights and laughter... however some of us, if not all also encounter the usual dysfunctional family situations that every year we swear will not bother us, and inevitably they do. here's a few tips...

1. imagine everyone in their underwear - ewwwwww no, gross, just kidding
2. i've learned this from a couple friends of mine, just sit back and observe the "going ons" like you're a fly on the wall rather than part of it. it all is actually pretty funny and ridiculous when you take yourself out of the situation.
3. have an extra glass of wine or shot instead of an extra cookie - you avoid gaining the extra weight, get plastered enough to not care and only have to sleep the effects off instead of run them off.
4. just remember, it will be over soon, so take every bit of joy you can from it!
5. tell a pirate joke - here's one courtesy of my dad... "a pirate walks into a bar, the bartender looks at him and says "hey buddy, you've got a steering wheel stuck in your pants"... the pirate says "aRRGH, it's drivin' me nuts!" lmao
6. if you must - ignore it all, go to your happy place (i'm tellin ya though, if you stay present, you could really pick up on some good comedy).
7. this is something i think you have to be practiced in, or be prepared for the consequences, but for a friend of mine, it really seems to work... because you know how to push your relatives' buttons, go ahead and do it (not nagging, but subtly). Like, bring up a subject you just know will set them off and watch them go batty ;)just observe, listen and report back to your friends, do not interact with the battiness you have created, I REPEAT, STAY NUETRAL, that's the whole fun of it. hehe
8. my fav... i play this little game when i'm bored or people watching, inspired by a friend of mine. first, think of the funniest person you know, 2nd, entitle your game "What would (insert name of the funniest person you know here) say?", 3rd, think (don't say! keeping to yourself is half the fun) and do what the title of the game tells you to do.
9. seriously - enjoy every bit of it you can, there is purpose for all of this in this life, if nothing else, it is to improve the world, the lives of others or ourselves. merry christmas, happy hannakah, kwanza, solstice, new year etc. etc. -

peace, love & laughter!

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  1. These are great ideas, Miss K. I'm definitely going to do some of the sit-back-and-observe action. My family is always good for a laugh, and I mean that in the best possible way.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!


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