December 28, 2009

look past what scares you...

she is my new obsession. if someone wants to know more about who i really am in my heart, learn more about lady gaga. not what you see on the surface, but what she's truly about. i see her as a combination of two of my most obsessed over artists... ANDY WARHOL & MADONNA. if they had a child, it would be LADY GAGA. i have become one of her "little monsters."

you may see or interpret her as another pop-artist, an excessive manufactured chick on the scene. you couldn't be more wrong.

no one like her could be manufactured. she is a true artist. she wants to liberate with her ideas and she is "an artist of liberation!" she says... "i don't care what people think of me, i care what they think of themselves!"

if you look close, or beyond what scares you, you will be inspired by something. she gives to us so much... music, art, beauty, editorial, expression, fashion, love, anger, dirtiness, passion, freakiness and peace.

LADY GAGA stirs up passion & inspiration inside me i have not felt in a long time, if at all. she is art, she is an entity of passion and liberation and commentary on our culture.

open your mind and look beyond what scares you. entice yourself to experience a part of yourself or the world you may have dismissed, you will be surprised.

get ready for more, this GAGA monster has been born!


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