November 27, 2009

let passion flow

i have recently become more in tune with my deeper senses. i also have enjoyed learning to enjoy and share who i really am rather than mold myself to be something i believe others want me to be. during these recent "revelations," i have realized how deeply i feel about pretty much everything i encounter in life. it really is a wonderful to let the love, intensity, curiosity and passion flow through me. i can feel it physically and mentally.

it's interesting to me that i have not realized this before now, but i do believe certain situations or circumstances reveal themselves to you at certain times in your life for a reason. though my life, i feel, is filled with amazing explorations, there can be downfalls to this "gift" as well (but pale in comparison to the positives). For instance, i have been known to be quite sensitive to myself and others. i've had to learn whether i'm feeling my own emotions or those of my present company and to set up boundaries of when i let myself tune into others and who i let "tune in" to me. i'm just starting to learn this part, but find it quite intriguing.

don't be afraid of the intensity of life, emotion and passion. don't be afraid to show your joy or fears or disdain with what you encounter. and most of all, don't be afraid to be yourself, this is something you can do better than any other (-anonymous)

love, passion and joy to you all

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