July 01, 2010

life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away

not sure if i've posted this which i'm re-borrowing again from a friend, but if i did, why not again? it's so meaningful, and like it says, breathtaking in itself. it's breathtaking to me, i think, because i live in passion. i can automatically relate and go to a time when i lost my breath. i typically move to the joyous or passionate moments, but it's also true that the hard times, the painful times, the ones we'd never want to relive make us who we are. and if we've survived them, then we've all lived the cliche... "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

imagine how much stronger and wiser you are now than you were 5, 10, 20 or more years ago. how much you've experienced, how much you've grown! how many incredibly remarkable or incredibly painful moments you've been through. ones you never wanted to end and those that you never wish happened.

every moment in our life is an experience you can learn from. it's about how you perceive those moments that create the meaning. don't allow any one to get away from you. how you perceive life's moments is something you actually DO have control over in this chaotic life.

what moment do you remember that may have not lasted longer than a second, but you remember it like it was hours? was it feeling a baby kick in a mother's belly? the first free road trip you took, or nighttime drive in a convertible? the brush of a hand or shoulder from a stranger you knew before? a warm tiny nuzzle and sigh from your little puppy? connecting with the eyes of a soul you'll know forever? the first time you saw the sun set over the mountains or the moon rise over the ocean? that delectable bite of a perfectly baked flourless chocolate cake? or maybe it was that kiss that you ached for in your dreams and it finally evolved?

whatever your moments are or were... MAKE MORE OF THEM!!!! our life is what we make of it, let's make it up with the moments we long for and love.


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