June 25, 2010

don't be scared to share

i really have never been one to share, just ask my sister. or my cousin who lived with us for a while and ate my cheese... i never have let that one go matty! ;) however, i have always enjoyed giving, is that in a sense sharing? i get joy out of seeing people happy, especially those i love. recently i had lunch with a wonderful new friend. i shared a bit of "my story" with her. mind you, a bit faster than i normally would give the gory details. but the great thing is that she shared with me too. in 20 minutes we may have learned more about each other, and in my eyes, created a bond that can develop into something stronger than what many people have with their own family members!

we have to remember that we're not in this world alone. the difficult, challenging, crappy, nasty things we experience on any day whether now or in our past, have (believe it or not) been experienced by someone else as well! maybe the names and places have been changed, but the events remain the same. even our joys, likes, hobbies, and activities that feed our souls have been experienced by someone else! i challenge you to go out and find someone or some way to share your story! enlighten us all!

i have this blog so i can share my life, stories, challenges and creations that help me get through this life in the hopes i can help someone else shed light on their day if they need it. to me, if i can reach out to even just ONE individual, and change their life in a positive way, i continue to fulfill my purpose and can continue to inspire. i wouldn't be able to do this without those i learn from and those that share their experiences with me. we are all wonderful, beautiful creatures and ALL of our stories are important and all of our experiences are worthy of being heard. if you want to share your story, I'll post it!!! I want to be a platform for you to inspire .... kwickersheim@gmail.com or you can comment below and share yourself :)

let people know what you've been through... let people hear your pain, your joy, your humor and sadness... let others experience you! you are not alone, we are not alone.

much love... xxoo

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