November 20, 2011

i get by with a little help...

there is nothing in the world that feels the same as laughing with your friends. everyone has so many different experiences, personalities and viewpoints they can bring to your table. the more you invite, the more colorful your world becomes. with love can come hurt. when you open yourself to others, you uncover a bit of vulnerability. but when i sit back and reflect, the small amounts of pain that may have occurred are absolutely nothing in comparison to the joy and light i have experienced.

take every good moment of time you can from the good times you share with the different little monsters in your life.

i am so very thankful for all of my wonderful friends. you all bring such joy and laughter to my life and without you all, i would be empty and lost.

luvs & hugs


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  1. You, my friend, are one of my favorite people to laugh with. Really! I adore you and feel blessed to know you. Merry Christmas!


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