September 27, 2011

its all about the marketing in the end...

so, i was thinking, wouldn't a velcro closure, or a hidden belt of some sort, or maybe even buttons, or a zipper be an even more convenient, kick-butt, awesome feature of the snuggie?

however, at that point is it then just a robe?

then again, if they didn't have great marketers to brand the belt-less, button-less, zipper-less robe a "snuggie" and create a launch that hit every household in america and beyond via info-mercials, late night commercials, home shopping networks, drug stores, big box chains and as seen on tv stores, would it have been remotely as successful as it was/is and will be? i'd like to think not.

yet another case study leading me to further my already strong belief that what i do is essential to the success of whomever i'm doing it for. :)

so ladies & gentlemen, in the end, it's all about the marketing.
'cuz really what sounds more comfy to you... a backwards robe or a Snuggie!

much luv & laughter

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