April 02, 2011

don't worry...

life is an ever-evolving landscape. it can be rough, overwhelming, joyous, passionate, amazing, painful and even more words possibly not even yet added to webster's dictionary. what is so remarkably wonderful about this life is that we're living it. WE get to make the choice to experience each moment exactly as WE want to.

there was a commercial that aired some years back (it was either for chiquita bananas or life insurance). it closed in on an elderly woman, (the cutest woman i've seen i might ad)and she says, "i have two choices when i wake up each morning; to be happy or not to be happy. i choose to be happy." i have a friend, actually a couple of friends who are memorably pleasant every single day, which in turn makes every experience i have with them, well...pleasant. they have each changed my life in different ways and i would love to do that for others.

i know there's a myriad of obstacles, changes, mishaps, diversions that can sidetrack us from the original focus for the day. how nice would it be to be able to wake up and say "i'm going to be happy today." if we decide to make this choice every morning, wouldn't it enevitably change how our entire course of our day goes? i think so. in fact i'm going to try it. if i choose to be happy every day, then no matter what comes my way, i imagine, my outlook and therefore the outcome will be better than what it would have been had i not made the "happy choice."

this all sounds a bit alice in wonderland like, but that's a world that makes sense to me.

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