December 25, 2010

my christmas wish to you...

merry christmas everyone! so far its been wonderful for me. shared some great times with family last night and tons of food. and doing the same today :) i just wanted to take some time and let everyone out there know some things i wish for you this christmas and upcoming year...

i wish you will...
be happy & laugh lots
be patient with yourselves
get love as much as you give love
share your joys and triumphs with those who surround you

i wish you keep...
an open mind to enjoy all possibilities
an open heart to experience love to no end
looking to the stars to strive for the highest goals
the spirit of giving in your soul all year long

i wish you understand...
triumphs can only really be felt if you've experienced tragedies
you get the most out of life the crazier it seems to be
one day, hour, minute or breath at a time
how short our lives on this earth really are, so make it what u want

most of all i wish you great love, joy, luck and lollipops ;)

love, laugh and live without fear!
merry christmas everyone...
luv u all!

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