April 24, 2010

with patience comes inspiration...

this quote's straight from me ;) years back in college, in my portfolio class, i had to develop a collateral piece about myself. i was always told by my instructors to push through when i was blocked or go back and rethink instead of just settling with the solution i came up with or giving up and moving on. that's where the quote came from for me, and still holds true today. when i wait, ponder, wonder, dream... the inspiration comes (or whatever else i'm looking for).

i believe this to be true, but i haven't yet learned to practice it. when i want something, i want it now. when something is wrong, i want it fixed, or i fix it now. when i want something about myself to change, or change something within my life/lifestyle i want to see results NOW! i don't really get why i am like this because normally, i consider myself a free spirit that is pretty laid back - actually as i type this, i know i'm not laid back. BUT i am a free spirit. maybe that's where i'm experiencing the issue - i'm a unique individual that thinks differently than many others, which is what i enjoy the most about myself. however, i'm extremely determined, headstrong, driven and purposeful. i have learned and am continuing to improve my patience when it comes to business and my worklife. i must admit though, when it comes to myself, my actions, my personal life, it's like i don't even know the meaning of the word sometimes.

i'd like to continue to pour patience into my everyday life. to understand when i tell myself "this will be a long ongoing process, but you will make the changes if you continue this path"- is the truth (i think i believe what i say it, but i've recently come to the realization, i may not). i will take my business and artistic process of patience and apply it to every day - the things i want, need, strive for, enjoy etc. they will come if i just believe what i've told myself for so long... "with patience comes inspiration."

my inspiration for you today is obviously about patience. i hope to inspire the many of you out there that are like me, and give great thanks to those of you that i learn patience from. i do believe it's a true and honorable virtue and takes many years and great perseverance to master. yet, when you do - your life will change and you will experience a new level of happiness.


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