February 19, 2010

i am beautiful

a couple people in the past two days have made note of my european features (my roots are czechoslovakian, polish, bohemain and german with a sprinkling of UK & Canadian).
this is actually the first time in my 30+ years i've heard someone actually notice me as being specifically european looking. so it made me take a closer look at myself. i'm far from being narciscitic but have enjoyed looking at myself in a new light.

i studied my features from my cat eyes, pouty lips, little nose, rounded eyebrows and rosy cheeks. i think for the first time, i looked in the mirror and thought, "hmmm, i really am beautiful" i feel now like my light & beauty inside is shining through me to the outside.

it's really a liberating feeling. what makes you beautiful? look in the mirror and appreciate your beauty.


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  1. Hey Kerri
    Thanks so much for the fun with Memories this weekend - you were a blast!!
    And I can't believe you were holding out on your Canadian roots ;)


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