June 05, 2012

it was been quite a while since my last post. i'm finding more use out of quick random thoughts that i've been posting to my facebook and twitter accounts (KerriW3 on twitter).
things are good though... one recent thing i've learned and want you to remember every day... allow yourself to be loved, adored and admired. maybe to some this is a "duh" concept, but for others, not so much. enjoy the light your friends and loved ones can bring in your life! most importantly... ACCEPT IT! you deserve it

February 07, 2012


I GOT MY ARM BACK!!!!!! ok, so many of you know that i have a rare disorder known as sneddon's syndrome (http://www.sneddonsyndrome.org) ,. i have survived many ischemic attacks (mini strokes) and one more debilitating one in june 2007 which left my left side paralyzed from head to toe.

its been a while since anyone has been able to notice any "leftovers" as i call them from the big stroke, maybe a couple years or so. those that are close with me know i may drag my foot, drop things, my fingers lock up or my pinky goes off and shakes like crazy in meetings - like i'm drinking proper english tea ;)

besides the little things that sometimes show up if i'm extra tired, dehydrated, sick, hormonal, panicky, etc... i have still had lack of muscle movement or control in my shoulder muscles and triceps and other surrounding muscles. mainly my biceps and some lats have done most of the work. i've also had still lack of hip muscle, gluts and quad & muscles around my knee....

well here i am friends... tonight i went to stretch and my arm... it reached up all slow and controlled, straight up, no angle, just like the right!!!!!! i swear i'm so excited i can barely keep it down to type. i can barely believe it!!!! AAAAAAAAANNNNDDDDDDDD i can do a sit up!!! AND i went to walk up the stairs the other day and my knee shot up like i was on a spin cycle! so my hip muscles came back, then i sat down on the floor and saw that i was able to flex my muscles around my knee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there's new things i'm noticing every day and it's like a crazy feeling going through things babies must feel of discovery with all the aches and pains of an un-used body moving a 200 pound tv into a new apartment ;)

so...the doctors told me i would probably reach my plateau of healing after 12 months. it was then that i couldn't jump, strain spaghetti, bring an uncovered mug of coffee to the table without spilling or be comfortable carrying my neices or nephews.

don't EVER believe in "can't", if you believe in something don't EVER give up the fight!



November 25, 2011

the holiday spirit is strong this year :)

so i ventured out this evening/morning to save the most money possible. my husband was a bit worried - just knowing potential danger that's out there (i mean u do hear tons of freaky, ridiculous, selfishly horrible stories on the news). i wasn't going for crazy hi-ticket items, just the deals for friends & family - especially the kids.

well, i noticed online at about 10 pm that  there was an AWESOME giveaway (which i won't mention 'cuz its a present) that was actually exACTLY what i decided to get one of the kids in my family at old navy at midnight.

i thought, hey, its worth a shot right? so i finished up some work for our own black friday sales and i headed out. i approached the algonquin commons area and it seemed pretty quiet (sans walmart traffic). then i got closer to old navy and i'm like....omg.... there's a lot of people. THEN, there's a lot of people in LINE! it was about 11:30 and the line was about 3 major big box store fronts long...i thought, hey, i'm goin for it, and if i can get this giveaway, well heck, this is a PERFECT present!!! i can't pass it up.

so i'm in line, in the company of hundreds, i'm one of maybe 4 or 5 people there alone. not too cold, but ok, cold for a light jacket, lined up at almost midnight outside of old navy. people are generally in good spirits. no one attacked anyone going in and we all made it in one piece.

i get counted as i go in. I'm thinkin' - hey could be good, they're still counting, that's possible for a giveaway! i get through the crowds, pick up what i need (and a couple things i don't) and get in the line (now starting to resemble a line for a ride at great america). a few steps in i think "hmmm, i should ask anyone if they know if there's any of this giveaway left" i overhear some people talking about a bracelet. wahhh wahhh :( i don't have a bracelet

there's a cute young, very well styled couple in front of me. i'm pondering just leaving now as they talk about going out drinking with his friends after she fixes her hair (which was perfectly gorgeous already), and then waking up (or not sleeping maybe) and getting back there at 6am, then... she has a game in the city she's asking him to drive her to in chicago later!!!! now i'm a bit work crazy at times and can go go go, but that's impressive. his girlfriend walks away to get more clothes that she says later she'll get reimbursed for from her parents. seriously, i think these are the cutest, most innocent, young souls i've ever encountered. so i hear him talking about the bracelet again. i told him, "you know you should be careful, if you don't want that and you're announcing you're selling it, you could get totally mobbed. i'd take it in a second" we laughed a bit. his girlfriend came back and he asked her if she would be ok with him selling it. she laughed.

i told him he could make some major cash as the giveaway was valued and worth quite a bit. he luaghed and said "selling for cash anyone?" no one answsered and a couple ladies said "do you take credit cards"? i just laughed with them both and listened a bit more. i said ya know if you're serious, i would seriously give you cash? he said a small amount and i said, i'll give you more than that, you're too nice!! so not only did he give me the giveaway bracelet, but his girlfriend made absolutely sure it would work out and made him stand at the register with me.

they were there at 9:30, waiting for 2.5 hours, still all smiles and gave away something they could have taken, sold or gotten more than 10% of what it was worth. no pushing, no questons, just simple good natured people. thank you old navy couple - you made mine and a few in my family very very very happy!!!

as i continued the trip to a couple more stores, i encuntered nothing but happy faces and kind words and sharing stories.

let's keep it up folks. this is a good feeling and this is a good place.

peace on earth, good will to men
luv u all